PRINCE RUPERT, B.C. -- After a recent spike in cases, the BC Centre for Disease Control says new COVID-19 cases in Terrace dropped by almost half last week.

The city’s Local Health Area (LHA) recorded 49 new cases from November 21st to 28th. It had recorded 91 new cases from November 13th to 20th.

Despite the drop, Terrace still has one of the highest infection rates in the North.

Other regions with high per capita case rates include Smithers with 27 new cases; Kitimat with 15; Upper Skeena with 11 and the Snow Country – Stikine – Telegraph Creek aggregate with one.

Areas with lower infection rates include Prince Rupert with ten new cases; Burns Lake with five; Nechako with nine and Haida Gwaii with one.

This week’s COVID-19 numbers also saw some good news for one of the hardest-hit regions in the North throughout the pandemic: Nisga’a recorded zero new cases last week.

Vaccination rates:

The BCCDC says 95 per cent of Kitimat residents have had two doses of vaccine.

For Nisga'a, it's 87 per cent; Haida Gwaii, 85 per cent; Prince Rupert, 84 per cent and the far northwest, 83 per cent.

The first-dose rates for these regions are all at 90 per cent or higher.

Meanwhile, Terrace is at 87 per cent for first doses and 82 for second doses, while Upper Skeena is at 85 for first doses and 79 for second doses.

In the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District, 75 per cent of Smithers residents are fully vaccinated

73 per cent of Burns Lake residents are fully vaccinated. In Nechako, that rate is 70 per cent.

First dose rates for these three regions are between 76 to 81 per cent.

New cases, November 21st to 28th 2021:

(Parentheses indicate change from previous week)

  • Terrace: 49 (-42)
  • Smithers: 27 (+5)
  • Kitimat: 15 (+6)
  • Upper Skeena: 11 (+1)
  • Burns Lake: 5 (-12)
  • Nechako: 9 (=)
  • Snow Country - Stikine - Telegraph Creek: 1 (-2)
  • Haida Gwaii: 1 (-1)
  • Prince Rupert: 10 (+9)
  • Nisga'a: 0 (-9)

Vaccination rates, as of November 30th 2021:

  • Kitimat: 100% for first doses, 95% for second doses, 11% for third doses.
  • Nisga'a: 93% for first doses, 87,% for second doses, 37% for third doses.
  • Snow Country - Stikine - Telegraph Creek: 91% for first doses, 83 % for second doses, 20% for third doses.
  • Haida Gwaii: 90% for first doses, 85% for second doses, 15% for third doses.
  • Prince Rupert: 90% for first doses, 84% for second doses, 7% for third doses.
  • Terrace: 87% for first doses, 82% for second doses, 12% for third doses.
  • Upper Skeena: 85% for first doses, 79% for second doses, 18% for third doses
  • Smithers: 81% for first doses, 75% for second doses, 8% for third doses.
  • Burns Lake: 78% for first doses, 73% for second doses, 14% for third doses.
  • Nechako: 76% for first doses, 70% for second doses, 7% for third doses.