PRINCE RUPERT, B.C. -- Skitine MLA Nathan Cullen is speaking out after one of his highway billboards was vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti.

A photo he posted on social media shows that someone drew a swastika over his face and chest on a billboard.

"Bonnie Hitler" was written on the sign as well.

Cullen called it a "blatant act of anti-Semitic vandalism" and said it’s not the first time an act like this has happened.

“We’ve seen it at some of the anti-vax protests around my office and around the country, where this language continues to get used,” he said in an interview with CFTK.

“I just don't know how someone can make the leap between having to wearing a mask to keep each other safe [and] getting a vaccine to the horrors of the holocaust. Not only does it completely undermine their argument, but it also causes a lot of damage. It’s really lamentable. I know the vast majority of people would never think this way, but it is representative of a real anger and a terrible way to be in the world because all you’re doing is causing harm.”

Cullen wrote on social media that as a descendent of Jewish people, he knows the pain and hurt these images cause.